Monday, February 1, 2016

Guess Who's Turning 12 Today?!?!?

Somebody pretty special around here is having a birthday today!!!


Birthday boy is turning 12 years old today!
Can we say "PAR-TAY!  PAR-TAY!"
Time to break out the kitty treats,
catnip, special "birthday cake",
and his present . . . snowball pompoms!
(Shhhhh . . . that's a secret!)
Perfect for the major blizzard we're gonna have today!

My precious little furry buddy is a
rescue kitty!  He came to share my heart and home about
10+ years ago - from the local Humane Society shelter.  The police had picked him up from wandering the streets - and brought him there.  And am I ever thankful to the Lord that they did!
From what I understand - he apparently lost his first home in a fire, and must have run away scared - poor little guy!!  But now he is the sweetest, happiest little fella -
lovingly nicknamed "The Boss" by my friends and neighbors!
(((((Hugs))))) little buddy - your Mommy loves you!!

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